Change the Way You Text with Samsung Cave

From the time mobiles have been introduced in the world, there has been a constant improvement in the way they work or look. Perfect competition in the market has made companies fight for the pie and that has led to an enhancement in the product and services.

The product has evolved in terms of bigger screens, improved operating system, better connectivity to social networking sites, enhanced memory space, touch sreen pads and highly advanced cameras. One thing which remained unexplored was messaging text. Though features were added to make the text more rich and bright but no efforts were made on the hardware to make typing trouble-free, fast and comfortable.

People over the years have moved from mobile phone messaging popularly known as SMS to computer message. Computer messaging is a service provided by companies where typing large sms’s becomes quite easy as one uses computer keyboard to type the text messages and sends it to several of his/her friends on mobile in one go.

Now, Samsung is planning to break the rules by introducing the cave concept in its new mobiles.  This device is designed for people who love texting and it incorporates the keyboard in a pretty original way. The keypad is inclined at a 30 degree angle, while the entire curved shape of the handset surely helps with the typing experience and with the grip of the unit. You can leave those boring slide out designs for a while and focus on this gadget for texting purposes. The downside of this design is the bulkiness of the handset.

More application calls for more frequent use of mobile phones. It is expected that mobile phones will have to operate more apps. Playing games, messaging and listening to music as well as posting lines to Facebook are, and will be, done at the same time. Accordingly, Cave will play more important roles as a versatile multi-tasker. The multitasking window mounted on the top of the cave enables users to view applications in use without opening the multitasking window on screen.

The design of the Cave keyboard is based on a motive of cave. On the front, a 4 layer QWERTY keyboard is seated. The keyboard is tilted by 30 degree or so against the screen, giving more space than unbendable models. Using the keyboard, users can enjoy texting on SMS and communication programs more easily and at a faster pace.

Unless there’s a way to retract that keyboard, like some sort of accordion mechanism, we should consider this smart phone to be huge, especially if the screen is bigger than 3.3 inches. Multitasking and Android are also probably supported. It’s interesting that this is a “with Google” phone, so it may be considered a Nexus concept.

Isn’t it too attractive? Well, I am just too tempted to get one for myself. If you too are sailing in the same boat, don’t forget to check out Samsung N100 MeeGo, Ink Printer Designs and Samsung AMOLED Display.