Apple iOS 5 Is a Nifty Upgrade

As promised earlier, iOS 5 is finally here and it does not seem to be a drastically different from iOS 4 but does pack a lot of features and fixes that people have been waiting for.

However, October has not been an easy week for Apple, especially after Steve Jobs passed away days after iPhone 4S was announced. Moreover, reactions to iPhone 4S was initially lukewarm, but sales have picked up and Apple announced a huge demand for the slick phone.  iOS 5 is a free upgrade for iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, both the versions of the iPad and 3rd and 4th generation models of iPod touch. iOS 5 would be pre-installed on the iPhone 4S and people who still use the iPhone 3S may not be able to use all the features that iOS 5 comes with. A major update has been the inclusion of the PC Free update. You would no longer need to use a computer to update or activate new versions, and they would be delivered ‘over the air’. Moreover, iOS 5 devices would be able to sync, backup and restore one’s device using the new iCloud features.

There are also several other important updates including the Twitter integration which would allow users to avoid having login several times to each app that they use. Moreover, sharing and updating via Twitter would be much easier as it is integrated into the OS. Game Centre has a few updates too and apart from fixing some known errors, it also allows users to buy games from within Game Center. What stands out from the rest of the important updates is the iMessage service, which is similar to BlackBerry Messenger. One could exchange photos, videos and unlimited number of text messages without having to pay carrier fees, just like BBM folks do it.

Something that may not convince a lot of people is the Find My Friends app, which lets you see where your friends and family are located. It may seem like an intrusion into their privacy, but can be customized according to one’s needs. iOS 5 also comes with Siri, which uses the Voice Control feature. However, Siri is exclusive to iPhone 4S and would not be available on other devices. Over-the-air syncing, Twitter integration and iCloud are the major changes that one can notice in iOS 5, and it would make using Apple devices easier than before. Of course, there are several other minor additions and fixes within the iOS 5, and overall it seems like a good way to upgrade existing Apple devices.