Use The Force to Combat Heat: 16 Star Wars Snow Sculptures

Winter is around and unless you are unlucky enough to settle down in a tropical country or city, your backyard is very likely to be covered with snow to play with. Forget all the boring snowmen and snowwomen, this year geeks have something much more interesting to play around with: Star Wars inspired snow sculptures. Check out 16 awesome Star Wars snow sculptures below for inspiration to warm up your winter.

“May the Force Be with You” Snow Sculpture


With a Star Wars stele and the catchphrase “May the force be with you” inscribed on it, the artwork is a wonderful tribute to the legendary science fiction. The snow sculpture features Obi-Wan Kenobi, R2-D2, C3PO and Darth Vader escorted by a stormtrooper.

Darth Vader and R2-D2 Snow Sculpture


Spotted in front of an Asian restaurant, the snow sculpture depicts  a rare scene when the super villain Darth Vader and our beloved loyal R2-D2 together. Darth Vader’s lightsaber is to add to the authenticity.

Darth Vader Sculpture


Without the vigorous stormtrooper army and the powerful dark force, Darth Vader looks surprisingly harmless and somewhat vulnerable on a snow white background.



Playfully called Snoda as a combination of snow and Yoda, the sculpture is an impressive Yoda portrait made by artist Jim Jeroo when he was stuck on the planet Hoth due to endless snow.

Ice Yoda


International festival of snow in Moscow last year was blessed with the force with the presence of Jedi master Yoda in the form of a fantastic ice sculpture.

Giant R2-D2 Snowman


With the ultimate love for Star Wars, somebody has made a giant snow sculpture of the lovable droid R2-D2 in front of his/her house. The creator even painted the sculpture with blue color and a red spot on the head to make it look extremely lively.

R2-D2 Snow Droid


This is probably what R2-D2 is supposed to look like when Luke Skywalker shut him down and placed him outside in the cold and threatening of planet Hoth.

R2-D2 Snowman


The R2-D2 with his unquestionable faith and super cute beep-beep voice  has won the hearts of millions of Star Wars fans. It’s not surprising at all to see so many snow sculptures dedicated to the droid, including this white and blue snowman.

Stormtrooper Snow Sculpture


Too lazy to go on a patrol around his territory during winter, Mick Pell decided to get a stormtrooper soldier to guard his house. The snowman is equipped with stormtrooper’s signature mask and gun.

Jabba the Snowman 1


Despite his short appearance during the sequels, Jabba the Hutt made a great impression on sci-fi fans with his wickedness and a lardaceous body. A snow rendition of Jabba was made by caffaknitted as a tribute to the crime lord.

Jabba the Snowman 2


The giant Jabba snow sculpture looks so real that we can almost smell his particular stench, as if he just stepped right out of his palace into freezing winter of Spokane, WA.

Jabba the Snowman 3


Jabba’s bloated layers of fat makes him a perfect model for those want to make something cool with snow but don’t want to put much effort. Here comes yet another Jabba the snowman with orange eyes and mouth.

Jabba the Snowman 4


This is probably the only portrayal of Jabba where he looks kind of cute with his tongue sticking out.

Crashed AT-AT Snowman


In the beginning of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker alone with his lightsaber and courage destroyed an Empire’s AT-AT. The crashed AT-AT was then moved back to Earth as a winter decoration.

Snow Leia


Looking at the Leia snow sculpture, you might think that if the creator really loves Leia, he/she shouldn’t have made a snowman that looks more like a bear than princess Leia.

Snow Wars


Snow wars – a snow version of Star Wars – were set with the presence of the impressive space station, Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon and Rebellion’s X-wing starfighter.

Bonus: Papercraft Star Wars Snowflakes


Papercraft Star Wars snowflakes are wonderful artworks that you can make in the honor of Star Wars for the winter without venturing your life in freezing cold snow. Dancell is kind enough to post templates and detailed instruction so that any geek can make Star Wars snowflakes on their own.