iOS 8 Hit With Phone Breaking Bug; Apple Patch Makes It Worse

Although it’s been hyped up and talked about for months, Apple’s iOS 8 operating system has launched with a fleet of phone breaking bugs.


As is the case with anything, rolling out entire new operating systems brings with it a whole host of issues. From the odd pop up where it shouldn’t be to glitches that make apps crash occasionally and general teething problems, we expect these sorts of things to happen when a piece of software has just been released. What we don’t expect, though, is for those bugs to level our devices and stop them from doing their primary function. Yet, when Apple’s highly anticipated new operating system, iOS 8, launched last week, its problems were huge and widespread. And, to make matters worse, Apple’s subsequent attempts at fixing the operating system have only added to the chaos.

The iOS 8 glitches were bad enough when last week they forced Apple to pull a number of HealthKit apps from the App Store as they were said to contain a critical flaw that for whatever reason, meant we couldn’t get our hands on them. This was disappointing for many given that iOS 8 was introduced and built around its health and fitness features. HealthKit is meant to let us track our diets and workouts, along with our medical records for instance and so this was likely a huge draw for many people looking to get an iOS 8 compatible device.

What Apple did do however, while potential HealthKit users licked their wounds, is manage to release another iOS 8 fix. But, instead of solving those aforementioned teething problems, it actually managed to cut off cellular connections for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Yes, you read that correctly, Apple managed to release and update that stopped their phones from being able to make phone calls. It even prevented TouchID from working so in one fell swoop they managed to kill off their phones’ two most important features.

Finally, the latest update seems to have done the trick. Mostly. With cell connection errors, TouchID errors, no HealthKit support and keyboard issues too, Apple had a lot to fix and with iOS 8.0.2 they mostly seem to have done that. The majority of users agree that it’s fixed most things with iOS 8 but there are a few outliers who say some minor tweaks need to be made. This is all good news for customers but after a rough patch on high seas, things aren’t looking great for Apple.

The company does say that only 40,000 users were affected by the issues, which is a small percentage of the 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’ that have been sold already. But, it’s still noticeable and Apple will want to avoid many more missteps like that save people jump ship for Android or even Windows Phones.

Source: The Next Web, engadget

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