iPad Apps Android Users Wish They Had

Tablet PCs have become a regular fixture everywhere you go. The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing your own iPad because of the many applications that you can download from the iTunes store. These apps are already well known throughout the iPad community, to the envy of Android users that do not have them on the Google Play store.

Some blame the lack of creativity among Android app developers, but there are apps that are exclusively available on the iPad that Android users wish would also be available for them. Here are some of those apps that make you appreciate having an iPad charging station:

Incredibooth ($0.99 on iTunes)


True, there are a lot of photo booth applications that you can download even from the Google Play store. However, this particular app lets you spruce up your photo strip with dazzling effects as if an actual photo booth took it. Also, you can automatically share your photos on your social networking accounts because you can link it up. The Android versions of this app just don’t measure up to its outstanding features.

Appshopper (Free on iTunes)

This is a great way of being updated with your own app wish list. This will help you place the apps that you are planning to purchase in a list. You will then be notified if there are changes such as updates, price increases, and most importantly price drops! It will also notify you of the new apps available in the Apple Store. The existing apps available on Google Play that suggest great apps are not that great at all, from the tacky UI to their less than up-to-date recommendations.

Infinity Blade 2 ($2.99 on iTunes)

Infinity Blade 2
We all love playing games on our tablet PCs and this is one game that those who are using Android tablets are envious of. The graphics are simply stunning and the game itself is arresting. The Android apps for Infinity Blade 2 are all news update sites. But you will have a lot of use for an iPad charging station for this game; after all, it’s a battery drain!

Starwalk ($2.99 on iTunes)

This is an amazing astronomy augmented reality astronomy guide that students and astronomy enthusiasts would surely love to have. I think Sky Map is amazing too, but there are missing features. I can’t really fault Google some lacking features; after all, Sky Map is a free app.

GarageBand ($4.99 on iTunes)


Who would pass up the chance to have a great number of musical instruments literally in the tips of your fingers? That’s what GarageBand is for! You can play the guitar, drums, piano, organ, and basses, and record at the same time! It’s definitely a must-have for music lovers! Unfortunately, for those who don’t have a gadget to use for an iPad charging station, then you’d have to be content with copycats.

These apps are just some of the apps those with Android tablets would love to have on their devices.

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