Super Metroid Cartoon By Artist Dave Rapoza

Watch talented artist Dave Rapoza’s short animation based on Nintendo’s Super Metroid.

Super Metroid animation by Dave Rapoza image

Out of all the cartoon treatments of Nintendo properties – Super Mario, Zelda, and the like – brought on by the NES-boom of the 10980s, space bounty hunter Samus Aran and the Metroid universe was one that managed to miss out; and no, Captain N: The Game Master doesn’t count for the sole reason that its is terrible.

For one thing, you’ll never in a million years convince me that that screeching, wrinkled-face banshee in a jar that oddly sounds like a knock-off Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors is somehow suppose to be the fearsome intellect Mother Brain from the original NES game (also why is Simon Belmont a dumb jerk and what did they do to Mega Man?!).

No, I think I would rather take freelance artist Dave Rapoza’s own animated interpretation of Metroid, or rather in this case Super Metroid on the SNES. It might be light on length and, well, actual “animation”, but it totally achieves the feel of that game. The creepy isolation, tracking down alien creatures, and the crazy-looking buggers themselves.

Strangely, Dave’s short cartoon has a bit of a Ridley Scott look to me, which coincidently is quite nifty considering that the creators of Metroid lifted some of its iconography from the movie Alien (directed by Scott). Heck, he even shares the namesake of the boss character Ridley, so the influence is hardly subtle.

If I had infinite powers of a major television producer I would so green-light a cartoon of this sort about Super Metroid, but thems the breaks. The beast we can do is watch Dave’s brief montage and bath in its complete awesomeness.

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