Wrap Your iPad in Bamboo

A marvel of technology, design and consumers’ undying thirst for the latest thing, the Apple iPad staked a claim on the culture before it was even released. Every hipster, early-adopter and even a few curious non-techies just had to have the touchscreen machine. If you’ve got one, odds are you treat just slightly more delicately than you would a newborn baby. Heaven forbid you spend all that cash on one and then turn around a crack the screen on the damn thing.

To help you feel a little more at ease, a design company called Wudskins has conceived a protective cover for the iPad that’s not only solid enough to keep the scratches off, but looks breathtaking as well. Made of bamboo and aluminum, their case surrounds the iPad and has a hinged cover to protect the screen when it’s not in use. The cover also works as a stand to use or display the iPad more easily.

The case keeps your iPad safe, but all the protection in the world doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t look as least as cool as a bare one. And this one does. The sleek aluminum and rich, earthy bamboo make a perfect combination of modern and organic styles. And like any wood product, the case will break in over time, become smoother and more unique every time you use it. Wudskins can even laser engrave your name right on the case for you.

The only drawback to the Wudskins’ case is that it’s still just a dream. They’ve signed up on Kickstarter to try and crowdsource enough capital to begin production. So, if you want one, you’re going to have to head over there and pledge a little seed money to get things going. Pledge levels start at $5 and Wudskins is a small company, so you shouldn’t feel too bad about helping them bring their incredibly cool iPad case to the people.

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