Dress Up Your New iPad with the ClamCase

A close family friend of mine received an iPad for Christmas. Although she really liked using it, she never seemed to get used to typing on it and she went back to her netbook after a while. It’s a shame, because while I can sympathize with her, I also find that the iPad has so many more capabilities and a more interesting interface than a boring ol’ netbook.

The creators of ClamCase noticed the early lack of keyboard peripherals for the iPad. They created the ClamCase to have full Bluetooth connectivity, along with a strong ABS plastic case and a patent-pending design that allows the iPad to stand up or bend at an angle for viewing videos. The ClamCase can also bend all the way backwards, and thus retains portability.

The ClamCase isn’t just an ordinary case, and blends the protective elements of a case with the more permanent standing ability and keyboard of a dock. It’s a new species of hybrid product.


ZAGG came in not too long ago and added their own take on a keyboard add-on, but I find that the Clamcase seems to have a much cooler vibe and looks so much sleeker. In comparison, the ZAGGmate iPad Case seems thinner and flimsier, and doesn’t totally encompass the way the ClamCase does, which allows the ClamCase for far more possibilities in terms of viewing angle. However, the ZAGGmate iPad Case does seem much more removable and definitely can be used as a good alternative to an ordinary iPad stand or a dock.

At 90 hours uninterrupted use time and 100 hours standby time, I am a fan of the ClamCase’s battery life. Battery life is particularly important in this case (no pun intended), because the keyboard would be inoperable without it. Anyone who buys a ClamCase is likely to prefer a keyboard to the iPad’s native touchpad input. It only takes 90 minutes to charge. However, the battery does only last three years, so I’m hoping it’s removable. Also, power adaptor not supplied? I’m a bit disappointed at hearing this, as I’d rather have paid an extra $5 or $10 and have it included.

Chiclet keys are welcome to any Apple product, it really completes the ClamCase vibe that the ZAGGmate doesn’t have. Who uses normal keyboards anyway? 😛

Find out more about ClamCase, or check out the iPad Arcade and the iCade.