A Unique Paper Watch that Suits Your Style

Undeniably, time is the most precious factor in one’s life and the gadgets that tell time are considered more than just essential. It is for this reason that the watch industry continues to grow and nothing has ever stopped anyone from venturing into this business. Well, here is Suck UK now with the Paper Watch, which is a simple wrist watch but has its own unique style.

The first portable pocket watches came into existence by 1524, after which the wristlets were introduced, which were considered a fad exclusively for women. But later, in the nineteenth century when the soldiers started to find it difficult to use pocket watches while combating, they fit the pocket watches into leather straps bound around their wrists and thus freed their hands. As a result, wrist watches gained their popularity. But more than serving its purpose and telling the time, watches have, these days, become more of a statement of fashion. In an era where everyone is trying to grab all gadgets they can lay their hands on, time would not be something very difficult to find out with any cell phone, computers or digital player telling you the time.

The Paper Watch from Suck UK is a normal wrist watch where its dial is a digital clock displaying the date, time and seconds counter. But, when the wrist watch has become a piece of style accessory, the Paper Watch manages to best capture everyone’s attention at the right point. Suck UK lets you custom design your watch as per your wants. Like the name suggests, the Paper Watch’s digital dial is encased in a paper sort of material and also the watch strap, which is dead set against tearing!

Wrap the watch around your wrist as such, if you want to keep it simple. But this watch stands out unique from all others since it lets doodle, scribble and draw out all your imagination on the white plane. All you need are pens and markers to tailor your own watch. Also, even better if the markers are of erasable or washable ink since that would let you clean off the prints and re-customize your watch. At a price of £7.99icon, the inimitable Paper Watch comes to you inexpensively with a Cr2025 battery included to run it.

Create a Rolex style, animate the plane with your favorite cartoon characters, reflect your thoughts in writing or get your friends to scribble on the white canvas. Tell the time in your style!

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