9 Incredibly Funny (& Cute!) Videos of Pets Playing on an iPad

Newsflash, it is not just us mortals that have developed a child like fascination with the almighty iPad, and the numero uno tablet has also found favor among the animal kingdom (no, this is not an episode of Ripley’s Believe It or Not). The ever-remarkable YouTube is flooded with videos of pets playing with the iPad and enjoying its touchscreen goodness.Listed below are some of the funniest videos of pets playing with the iPad and as a dog person, I hate to admit that it’s the crafty cats that seem to have a better grasp of the device.

Cute Dog Playing Veggie Samurai on iPad

Dogs are not just only into chewy treats or  sumptuous steaks, and they dig veggies too. Don’t believe us? Then, check out the video below of the cutest little dog playing Veggie Samurai with much gusto. His score is better than most humans, but then again, he does have four legs.

Monkey Playing Angry Birds

Angry Birds or Angry Monkey? Clearly the game frustrates even our little capuchin friend in the video. At least he crossed level 1, which sadly many humans can’t boast about.

Dog Playing Air Hockey

Move over cast of Air Bud, you have some serious competition. Pixel the pooch is quite a champ when it comes to playing Air Hockey and prefers playing on the iPad instead of playing fetch.

Husky Dog Sings with iPad

In the cutthroat canine world, husky Mishka is a living legend and has even been a guest at the Oprah Show. Now, she shall take the music industry by storm , as she spends her free time exercising her vocal chords with an iPad. Time to get her a spot at Reverbnation.

Cats playing “Game for Cats”

Two Siberian cats playing “Game for Cats” on the iPad and trying to catch the pesky albeit virtual mouse.

Bearded Dragon Plays Christmas Ant Smasher

It is hard not to cheer for the bearded dragon in the video and his mad ant smashing skills.

Cat Plays Fruit Ninja on iPad

This cool cat gets a Fruit Ninja score of 128 and manages to impress with her advance gaming skills. The highlight of the video is no doubt her ability to avoid the bombs.

Iggy The DJ

Put your hands up in the air and groove to the tunes of DJ Iggy who has taken the feline world by storm. The musically inclined cat let’s the music play and will make a good advert for Apple’s Gorilla Glass.

Dog Tests the iPad 2

Chloe is one opinionated mmm you know what, and no one can change her mind when it comes to the iPad. Check out her thoughts on the tablet as she plays around with various apps and barks a big resounding no at Angry Birds!

Iggy Paints A Picture

Iggy is back and this time dons the hat of an artist (looks like the DJ stint was short-lived). While no Pollock, his modern art musings may just get the nod of approval from art connoisseurs.