Superhero Car Polygonal Art

If you were tired of looking at one-dimensional pictures of geeky merchandize embedded into posters, you might be interested in these polygonal art. Josh Ln has created polygonal famous cars that look totally out of this world.

If any of the art masters were alive, they would surely have felt a pang of envy, looking at these amazing posters in which the cars are printed.

I am not sure if this is 3D art or if this has been created with the help of some other technology but the cars certainly look out of this world. The artist has made sure that he has included all the famous fictitious cars out there, especially from comic strips. The cars not only look realistic but also have a magic realism to them.

First off, these comic strip cars do not exist in real world, and the polygonal dimensions make them look even more so magical. The Turtle Van and the Batmobile look totally cool. If Batman existed in real, I am sure he would have asked the designer to create a real polygonal Batmobile.

The Ecto in the form of a polygonal car isn’t very bad either and manages to grab the attention of both art lovers and comic super hero fans. There is something totally cool about these cars as they represent the magical world of comics, and the realism of commercial nature of these very cars.

The artist’s main focus is cars from TV and movies and he surely knew how to grab the best of them in a polygonal manner. I would say, these cars would look really good if they were manufactured or created in real, at least as sculptures.

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