Pac-Man Cake Retro Gamers Do It with Frosting

With a little help from Photoshop today’s hero lovingly crafted this homage to one of the most iconic and successful games ever to grace a screen of any kind. One times Cake plus five times Hershey Kisses and one tall glass of milk transforms into the brave Pac-Man valiantly munching his way to the power pellet.

First released in Japan 2 months after I was born 30 years ago Pac-Man has, unlike me, won a permanent place in pop culture and the hearts of everyone old enough to remember begging their moms for cash to sprint off to the nearest arcade or corner store where the unmistakeable game anthems of the 80s filled the air.

I can’t think of another game that has garnered such widespread support and acclaim without dusting off my paddles and whipping out Pong, which is still not really a fair comparison as Pong had a lot less competition and didn’t require you to drop your pre-pubescent life savings into a slot when you wanted to play it.

Pac-Man the Cake

Andrew Wilson remembers those days and decided to live the dream when he made this super sweet Pac-Man tribute from Cake, Hershey Kisses and a glass of milk. He added the tubes in with Photoshop after the fact but we’ll forgive him this time. Like the title of the page says it’s art imitating life imitating art.

If you’re not sure about the impact Pac-Man has had on the world take a trip to the Smithsonian and you’ll find our yellow friend there as a reminder to the next generation of what came before. I already dread the day I need to have the conversation with the next wave of kiddie gamers. With game graphics improving daily (sometimes it feels like hourly), true 3D starting to flex it’s muscles in the market and consoles shattering the preconceived notions about how to control your games I’m starting to sound lamer and lamer explaining Pac-Man to kids who missed the golden age.

    Me: and the yellow dot has to eat all the pelletskid: you mean the littler white dots

    Me: Yes, Yes … I eat the white dots and avoid the ghosts

    kid: the funny coloured squid blobs?

    Me: No the Ghosts!!!! I avoid the ghosts and try and eat the power pellet

    kid: that bigger white dot? When does the real game begin?

    Me: Go to your room!!!

Until then though I’m going to live it up with Andrew Wilson’s cake or this Pac-Man mosaic and along with the other geriatric gamers try hard to remember the simple joy of a yellow dot some white dots of varying sizes and few funny coloured squid blobs.

Via: Andrew Wilson