Use An NES Controller To Play Games On An iPad

Paul Rickards, a self-described “well-rounded geek,” has created a cool hack that lets you use an NES controller with your iPad.Touch screens can be such a hassle – they’re often inaccurate, they get all smudged, and even when they know what you’re trying to click on the controls can be so clumsy.

So it was probably  for these reasons that Paul Rickards, also known by the handle biosrhythm, decided to create an iPad hack that allows you to use an NES controller with it.

Besides just functionality (since the hack is fully functional), Rickards apparently took form into consideration, as shown by the way he bundled all the extra cables together into a Lego case, shown below, for organization and that extra geeky edge.

Although other attempts at controller an iPad with peripherals like an NES controller have been made previously by others, Beckman’s hack appears to be the most expertly-made. Unfortunately no videos of this hack in use are available at this time, but more photos like the ones shown above from The Next Web can be found on his blog.

Also on his blog, Beckman states that in theory, any game for the iCade should work using his hack, though he’s only personally tested a few. He has also cataloged other technology hacks he has attempted or completed, such as the Commodore 64 USB keyboard he made, which is also compatible with the iPad.

In fact, this previous project seems to be part of the inspiration behind the NES controller hack. After successfully launching various arcade emulators on his iPad and controlling them with the Commodore 64, Beckman stated that the next step was to see if a gamepad would work, and tried the NES controller simply because it was “so easy to interface with.”

Beckman was kind enough to post instructions and code on his blog for anyone ambitious enough to try and follow in his footsteps.