The Value Of The iPad As A Portfolio

The designer’s portfolio has undergone many different transformations and with the advent of digital distribution, it has never been easier to showcase your work anywhere. Being able to display your work online or off does have its drawbacks, luckily the iPad can fill those.

More Intimate and Personal

Despite the ease and simplicity of displaying your work online, it loses a personal touch. While a web based portfolio can be convenient for employers to get a feel of who you are, simply giving a business card with a link to your site during a meeting requires that person to view your work later without you there. If you have your work saved on an iPad ready to present, you have the opportunity to tell your side of the story and explain in detail what each piece is. Even having your work ready to present on an iPad can help in situations when networking is quick and you want to make a big impact by showing your portfolio to a potential employer or possible co-worker.

The iPad Can Work For Anyone

The beauty of the iPad is it can work for anyone regardless of their line of work. The iPad’s portfolio potential is only inhibited by your digital content but is not limited to just graphic and web designers. Photographers often use iPads to display their work as it has other benefits aside from interactivity. The iPad as a portfolio cuts down dramatically on printing costs and book binding. Everything is self-contained to the iPad.

Portfolio Apps For The iPad

If you are looking to use the iPad as your portable portfolio, here are some Apps you can use to display your work. Valise is a straight to the point lightbox viewer for images but is a great tool for designers looking to showcase their work. Valise includes a custom splash screen to give your portfolio that personal touch. FolioBook is a great Photography portfolio that includes a number of slideshow features giving you full control over how your work is displayed. Portfolio for iPad includes slideshow support, branding options and Dropbox support.