LG Officially Releases New Optimus 3D

3D has certainly become the new “it” technology and whether you are talking about 3D gaming systems, televisions or whatever else people can get their hands on, it has become a race to see who can deliver what device the fastest.

In that vein, LG has managed to release a 3D phone just one week before one of their largest competitors could come out with their own 3D device.  It is no surprise that for the most part, Google has been able to do what Apple cannot, which is release not one kind of phone at a time, but a whole range of different Android phones built to suit different users.

The Optimus line of Android phones have long been popular, whether talking about the Optimus S or the Optimus Black but their newest release, the Optimus 3D seems like it should quite easily surpass those particular phones’ popularity in quite a short period of time.

The Optimus 3D was released just seven days before HTC could officially release the EVO 3D and believe it or not, when it comes to demand for certain Smartphones, that week could make the difference in winning the war of the 3D Android phones.

The Optimus 3D uses stereoscopic 3D technology, meaning that you don’t need special glasses in order to use the tech.  One of the truly nice features of this new phone is that it will also record and take pictures in 3D and you will be able to watch them right away. Sadly, while the official release is today, people in the United States won’t be able to get their hands on the new phone for a couple of weeks.  The “Tri-Dual” function phone will first being showing up on European shelves before getting a US rollout in late July or early August.

Good news for those who also want to be able to game in 3D and aren’t thrilled with the rather scant offerings currently out there.  LG says that sometime in the third quarter of this year, they will be able to release an update that will allow real time conversion of 2D games into 3D games right on your phone.