I’ll Have a Scotch with Chess, Please

Who would have thought that your favorite bar drink can come in such a geeky package? Open up a box of Chivas and find a cool surprise with an equally awesome design. It’s like having the best of both worlds: having a relaxing chess game while enjoying a glass of whiskey. Chivas Chess Pack 1 The creator of this nifty box set is Ascanio Afan de Rivera Costaguti of Venezuela, who specializes in packaging design. Costaguti’s Coroflot portfolio shows some of his other design projects, like furniture, home ware, and other packaging concepts. This particular project was a proposed holiday gift box for Chivas Regal Colombia. If you by chance receive this as a Christmas present, both of its contents are likely to make your holidays even merrier! Chivas Chess Pack 2 Along with the Chivas bottle, you get a plastic folding case that contains the chess pieces. The case also doubles as the chessboard. An interesting feature of the chess set is the minimalist design of the pieces, which are made from black and white painted metal. They look like little shoehorns with carvings on their ends to differentiate which piece is which. The elegant curvature of each piece helps to balance them perfectly on the playing board. Plus, the black and white chess pieces can stack into each other for portability. Chivas Chess Pack 3 Whether you’re a budding Grand Master or just a fan of the game, you will surely enjoy checking out these 28 cool chess designs. Another eye-catching piece of work is this bullet chess set made of spent ammo casings. But if you’re a bit of a loner, you can still wrack your brains and play this solitaire chess game and puzzle. Who would have thought that playing chess by yourself can be so challenging?