Best iPad Pranks for Your Favorite Victims

We here at Walyou have a bit of a sick sense of humor, so it goes without saying that April 1 is our favorite day of the year. But why stick to pranking only one day each year, when we have plenty of iPad pranks for you to try.

If you have a friend or loved one who constantly flaunts their iPad in your face, or a general hatred for someone, then be prepared to add these tricks to your pranking repertoire.

Destroyed Screen

Nothing in life is sadder than the moment your drop your favorite device. The two seconds that it is airborne is completely heartbreaking; will it shatter upon impact? Will it become horribly disfigured? Will that really expensive protective case do anything at all? It’s time to replicate that moment of horror without the permanent repercussions.

The broken screen is the easiest option as all you have to do is set the background/lock screen to a picture of a broken screen, and you are good to go. If that sounds too difficult, then simply save the image on their iPad, open the image when they aren’t looking, and hand the device back to them with your best “oops” face. Here are a few of our favorite broken screens:

Check out the above pranks here.

The Freak Out

If you are one of those individuals who love to watch someone scream like a little girl while doing the “oh my god there’s a spider dance” then perhaps you would like a different avenue. The freak out pranks range from “mildly disturbing” to “I think I wet myself”.

If you really want to frighten someone, then you can download one of the many apps that lulls your victim into a false sense of security and then scares the crap out of them. This one is a hearing test, because the fear of losing one’s hearing isn’t nearly as frightening as it needs to be.

I got you a new game, grandma.

Cruel and Unusual

If you’re a fan of making people look like idiots, and who isn’t, then this app is for you. Nothing like watching someone lick an iPad on television.

Listen, I don’t want to say that I am a stickler about spelling and grammar, but I totally am. If you have a fellow stickler in your life and totally want to screw with them for a long time, then it’s time you get a little creative. Just as the best things in life are free, so is this prank: grab the nearest iPad or iPhone and go to “Settings“, then “General”, “Keyboard” and then “Add New Shortcut”. Here is where you can create an absolute nightmare for the owner.

The beauty of this prank is that you can customize it to be as horrible as possible for the owner, and there’s no telling how long it will take them to notice that their emails, texts and instant messaging is littered with mistakes as they rely on their autocorrect to do the spelling for them. So, whether you want to mix up their homonyms or completely revamp their favorite words, the horror of this prank is in your hands.