Call The Bear Patrol: Animal Footprint Shoes

We can’t even begin to name all the uses something like this would have, besides just being plain cool: the awesome animal footprint shoes!


The mastermind behind this creation is Maskull Lasserre, an artist from Canada (where else?). He created this pair of shoes that leave animal tracks/footprints in either snow or the ground. The cool part is that they look just like regular shoes, except they have modified soles.

Lasserre, cleverly, wore these inside cities or small towns in order to freak people out, which is the first thing we´d do, if we had been smart enough as to come up with such a cool pair of shoes. Just picture strolling around your town, or even a big city and seeing bear tracks on the sidewalk. That´s just hilarity waiting to happen.

The designs include bear, wolf, and other threatening animal tracks in comfortable sneakers that you´d just wear anywhere, as to not raise any suspicions. It´s pretty much the perfect prank, just in time for April Fool’s.


Source: IncredibleThings

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