Nomad: The First Paintbrush Stylus

Technology never fails to amaze us. Just when we think that we have seen too much of development and what else could come, a new concept springs up. We can now carry our world with us: phone, audio-visual system, computer, library of books, pictures, videos, and audio files and all this in one simple gadget. Now is the time to carry a painter’s canvas, too. In fact, the canvas and paint were always there, what was needed was a paint brush.

The iPad is an amazing piece of creation in itself. Paired up with its various accessories its value increases by leaps and bounds. But painting was, somehow, not possible. Like many of us, Don Lee realized the fact that it is not possible to paint using a stylus. Yes, you can create your sketches but cannot paint them. For this very reason Lee came up with the Nomad brush, a brush which can help recreate a painters dream image right on to the screen of the iPad. Like a writer, now when a painter wishes to paint his thoughts he/she need not wait to get back to the workplace and start work. It will be possible to paint anywhere and anytime. And what’s more, since it is done on the iPad it can even be uploaded and shared at that very moment.

The bristles of the Nomad brush are made of conductive fibers making it possible to use it with any paint tool application. Its long handle makes it a comfortable tool to use without obstructing view of the screen. No matter where you are you can always pick up your iPad and use the Nomad to give a couple of strokes to your painting. It can work as a great stress reliever too.

Experts however have a few concerns about this accessory. It has been argued that the iPad can register close to ten touch points at a time lacking the capacity to register every bristle stroke. Besides that the iPad’s display, it is said, does not register pressure. Whatever the case, this is the first attempt made in the direction of a paintbrush stylus. It is ready to be released in February 2011 and, being an iPad accessory, it is sure to attract viewers and buyers. Like any other products the first version is sure to be a learning towards a greater goal.

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