The New Iron Man Talking Rocket Boost Action Figure

The new Iron Man Talking Rocket Boost Figure gives true definition to an action figure. Inspired by the lead character of the movie Iron Man 2, Hasbro has come up with a brand new action figure of the Iron Man that can do more than any other super hero action figure can.

Unlike other so-called action figures, this iron clad superhero has sound, lights, speech and action. Press his chest and foot trigger buttons and you can hear battle sounds and phrases. At the press of a button his eyes will light up. The best part is his wings popping out to a full 11 inches. With a figure like this among your collection, your team is sure to be the most invincible of all.

The Iron Man character has had a huge fan following ever since it first appeared in March 1963 in a comic book named Tales of Suspense. Since that day the character has reappeared as a part of the Avengers team and along with other super heroes like Spiderman, the Fantastic Four and the Incredible Hulk. He also has two movies to his name with the character being portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.

The popularity of Iron Man has inspired various companies to come up with related merchandise. This includes apparels, video games, bedspreads, figurines and many more such items. However, the figure has been mostly adapted for producing toys that revolve around the character. Hasbro itself has a series of toys that include the super hero’s briefcase replica, his mask, a board game, vehicle, and the like.

The Talking Rocket Boost Figure is one of those many figures that Hasbro has offered to children. Not only do they enchant children but grown-ups too. Who would not love to watch an Iron Man come out of comic books and movies and present a live show to all? And with its wings popping out children are sure to marvel over this offering from Hasbro.

This marvelous toy stands tall at 10 1/2 inches high and its wings span out to a whole 11 inches. It requires two AA sized batteries to help it light up and give the war cries. For the facility of users these batteries have been included in the pack. It is available for $25.99.

Go ahead and get one for yourself or for a little one and make it a proud member of your figure collection.

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