New 3-Dimensional Technology May Help Create iPhone 3D

If you thought AMOLED and retina display touchscreens weren’t enough, Hewlett-Packard has unveiled its revolutionary 3D display which may soon find its place in popular smartphones like Apple’s iPhone.

3d hp display

Dr David Fattal and colleagues at Hewlett-Packard’s laboratories have developed a unique backlit display that surpasses every existing display technology at the moment and will be in great demand among smartphone manufacturers. The coolest thing about this technology is that you can now view both static and moving images in full color to a distance of more than 3 feet away.

It does not even matter if you tilt the device! At the moment, such feats can be accomplished only when you wear those boring 3D glasses which never look cool no matter what you are told. The technology makes use of diffractive optics which causes waves of light to deflect and change our perception of objects. Dr. Fattal noted that this technology can be used in wristwatches, cellphones and tablets, all of which are being manufactured or being rumored to be manufactured by Apple.

3d hp display 1

The multi-directional diffractive backlight technology allows 3D fans to use smartphones and tablets in entirely new ways and this could possibly help offset losses that Hewlett-Packard has lately been experiencing thanks to its crumbling PC business. All we need to do at the moment is wait and watch until one of the biog smartphone makers will adopt this screen and create something that is uniquely entertaining for all those 3D fans out there.

There is a huge number of people who wish to use 3D technology on their mobile devices without using those glasses. You can also go ahead and take a look at the 3D Video Camcorder which we had featured sometime ago. The 3D Toad Pencil is a fun way to get creative people start drawing.