Penguins Love iPad Game Meant for Cats

If you thought only apes and cats could play video games and enjoy them as well, you will be surprised to learn that a bunch of penguins seem to adore doing this as well.

penguin ipad game 1

Magellanic penguins Jeremy and Newson, which were stranded in Brazil but were later rescued and brought to a California zoo were able to play a video game that was originally designed for cats. Just like cats, penguins are very curious by nature and they are always up for a game or two on a tablet, if those gadgets are lying nearby.

penguin ipad game 2


The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach let these two penguins play the game with their beaks and authorities were surprised to see how well they could play and catch virtual mice with their beaks. Such video games are meant to entertain and keep animals busy as they have a tendency to get bored easily. The birds apparently took to the game instantly and scored high on the game by tapping their beaks on the screen and remaining curious and interested for a long time.

It is probably time to either get such games for penguins when they are captive or release them back to their natural habitat, which to me, seems like a kinder thing to do than letting them play video games. iPad’s Game for Cats will soon become really popular among captive penguins across the U.S. if the zoo authorities open their minds to such a novel approach.

penguin ipad game 3


While animals in captivity are never as happy as they are in the wild, iPad games may bring a little cheer to these animals who are otherwise shouted at, screamed at and gawked at by visiting humans day in and day out. If you love penguins and wanted something that resembled those magnificent birds in your living room, try and get the Penguin Musical Bed Pillow or the Penguin Wireless Mouse.