Does the iPhone 5S Suffer from the Blue Screen of Death?

Reports from users of the iPhone 5S suggest that Apple’s expensive smartphone can suffer from the Blue Screen of Death, rendering their phones unusable.

iPhone 5S BSOD image

The Blue Screen of Death is the name of a bug that has plagued users of older Microsoft PCs for sometime now. You can be using your Microsoft PC when suddenly, the entire machine crashes, the screen fades to blue and you’re left wondering what on Earth has gone wrong with your trusty computing machine. Expletives might be uttered, Microsoft support might be called and questions might be asked as to why the bug showed up. Now, it seems that it’s not just users of Microsoft PCs who could be affected by the Blue Screen of Death, as users of the Apple iPhone 5S have reported it on their devices too.

Reported by several iPhone 5S users across the Internet, critics are working to figure out the source of the problem and just why Apple’s newly released smartphone seems to be suffering from a aging technological problem. One writer suggested that it’s down to the iPhone 5S’ iWorks ability, something that comes preloaded with the new phone. They write that “it doesn’t take much” to cause the Blue Screen of Death, detailing an instance where they “tested the issue by opening Pages from the home screen, using the app for a brief period and then returning to the home screen using the Touch ID equipped home button,” continuing to say that “[They] too experienced the BSOD every time we repeated this short sequence”.

The strange issue on the iPhone 5S (which you can see in a video above) is also reportedly not affecting other devices that utilise iOS7, such as the iPad mini or the iPhone 4S, but luckily, for those affected by the Blue Screen of Death on the iPhone 5S, some users have come up with a workaround. As a way to avoid the bug, users suggest that “[Users] have to return to the documents menu before hitting that home button in order to avoid the BSOD”, also saying that “You can also stop Pages, Numbers and Keynote from being synched via the iCloud’s documents and data service in order to prevent the BSOD”. Apple have yet to release a permanent fix for this issue but it seems likely that they will make an announcement soon.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Trusted Reviews

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