iPhone 5S Reportedly Delayed Due to Screen Size

Waiting to upgrade to the iPhone 5S? Well you’ll have to wait a little longer as the phone has reportedly been delayed because of its larger screen size.

iPhone 5S concept image

If there’s one thing that we know Apple to be (which they’ve never shied away from) is that they are money hungry. The fact that we get year in, year out iterations of iPhones, brand new, all bright and shiny, preparing to make a play for our cash as we argue over new features and specs, has never had a serious effect on Apple’s sales. The iPhone is still as popular ever and sells out like hot cakes in the middle of a Russian Winter. However, Apple’s next attempt at dipping into our wallets has hit a bit of a speedbump, as the iPhone 5S is rumoured to have been delayed thanks to the phone’s newly enlarged touchscreen.

It’s that screen that’s causing the problems for Apple, and after they upped screen size of the iPhone 5 to 4 inches and are continuing to increase it with the iPhone 5S’ screen rumoured to be sitting pretty at 4.3 inches, it’s key that Apple pull this off in order to be able to talk about a grand improvement, once they formally announce the phone. Too, this news, sourced from Taiwanese newspaper the Commercial Times (by way of Bloomberg), comes after Apple iWatch problems that the Apple engineers just couldn’t fix. If this is an engineering or production issue, the future of all new iGadgets could be thrown into jeopardy.

Because of the competition from phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4, which boasts a whopping 5 inches of HD touchscreen goodness for its display, Apple can no longer run off the fumes of its once much lauded ‘Retina display’ as practically every other high-end smartphone is on the level of the Retina display now. Not only this, but Apple must fend off competition and find a way to launch their budget iPhone, which was meant to launch along the iPhone 5S, but will now likely be delayed too, potentially putting a huge dent into Apple’s profits.

With the business seemingly in turmoil, Apple will need to speak up to silence customers fears, so we’ll keep you posted once we find out more.

Source: techradar

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