Badass Redesigns of Video Game & Comic Book Heroes

For me, nothing beats a good dose of alternative fan art to classic heroic favorites like the Super Mario Bros., Optimus Prime or Calvin Hobbes, who are heroes in their own special way.

But what is good alternative art? Hard to put your finger on it, but you usually know it when you see it, and it has to do with taking that beloved character and giving it a twist you’ve never thought of before, but it either works in the new way or at least gives you a good chuckle.

These pieces of bassery by Coran Stone, known as CoranKizerStone on deviant art, are probably some of the finest you’ll ever get to see.

Mega Man/Optimus Prime


Fatter Than Usual Mario Kicking Sonic’s Ass

Mario & Sonic

Luigi on a Special Ops Mission


Peach Imitating Tanya From Red Alert


Popeye Larger Than Life

Popeye Larger Than Life

Mr. Incredible Cleaning Up the City

Mr. Incredible

Max, King of All Things


Calvin & Hobbes in a Universe Where They’re Secret Agents

Calvin & Hobbes

Ash & Pika in a rather Villainous Mood


Scooby & His Gang as Ghostbusters



You can also purchase some of his stuff on his Society6 page.