iPad 5 Running iOS 7 Reportedly Scheduled for September Launch

It looks like September will be a very busy month for Apple. It is already known that iOS 7 will be launched then, but apparently products to run the new operating system will also be released in the form of iPad 5, iPhone 5S, with an new iPad mini soon to follow.

The iPad 5 is said to have a design similar to the one of the current generation. Samsung is blamed by some for changing too much the design of its products (see how the Galaxy S2, S3 and S4 look like, just to get an idea), while Apple is getting praised for being an adept of skeuomorphism. The way I see it, though, it’s exactly the other way around. Samsung’s approach is a sign of evolution, while Apple’s stubbornness to maintain the same lines is exactly the opposite.

Apple’s next-gen iPad will sport a 9.7″ Retina display that’s meant to use less battery power than the previous versions. This was achieved by reducing the number of LED tubes that backlight the display from two to one. Another change from the previous generations of iPad is the bezel, which is supposed to be thinner in iPad 5. On top of that, the new iPad will allegedly be 25% lighter than iPad 4.

As far as the second generation iPad mini goes, Apple still can’t decide whether it should include a Retina display. This hesitation will most probably cause delays in the launch of the little brother. In this context, it is uncertain if there will be iPad minis under the Christmas tree this winter. Another detail worth mentioning, though, is that Apple intends to reduce the bezel of the iPad mini as much as possible. The intention is similar in what regards iPad 5.

Apple also has other devices in the works, and there are rumors surrounding those ones, too. If the gaming console-TV combo seems plausible, there will be some problems with the iWatch. First of all, launching an iWatch practically means copying every other company out there that has dived into wearable tech. Secondly, the name iWatch is already trademarked in the US, UK and China. In fact, I’m willing to bet that there is already a Chinese product out there bearing that name. Of course, Apple will try to sue the trademark owners, and I really hope that it will lose.

All I have to say about the products launched this fall is… I hope Apple doesn’t make the iPhone 5S longer.

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