iPhone 6 to Have Large Curved Screen, New Touchscreen Sensors

To follow the trend imposed by Samsung and LG, Apple is planning to launch two iPhones with curved screens in the second half of next year.

Apple is playing catch-up with Samsung, a company it has accused of patent infringement on numerous occasions in many parts of the world. As sources close to the company declared in an interview with Bloomberg, Apple is already working on the next generation of iPhone, which is said to come with a curved screen and better touchscreen sensors. The latter are supposedly introducing fine pressure sensitivity that will be implemented in future models.

As far as the size of the screen is concerned, the two new iPhones are said to come in 4.7 and 5.5-inch flavors. Apparently Apple finally realized that 4-inch screens are far from satisfactory nowadays, not to mention that the resolution and pixel density isn’t great on these, either. A larger display would offer Apple the chance to enter the FHD (or at least HD) smartphone market. A couple of years later than the rest of the world, but that’s the way it goes with companies that are unreasonably praised for being “innovative.”

At least it looks like Apple is willing to diversify its range, supposing that besides the two new iPhones it’s also planning to retain the cheaper 5C in its offer. The three models would supposedly be in the low-budget, mid- and higher-tier range, thus providing a solution for iSheep with different pocket sizes. Mind you, even the iPhone 5C, which is supposed to be a budget device, costs $549 when purchased contract-free. I’ll give you something to think about: Nexus 5 is $399 for the 32GB version.

Given that the RRP of LG G Flex is $950 in South Korea, I don’t even want to know how much Apple’s curved display iPhones will cost. One thing is certain, though: the iSheep will disregard the price, sell their old 5S and buy the new curved iPhone on launch day, after staying in line for at least 48 hours. Another problem is the approach Apple will take for the curved screen. Does the manufacturer intend to curve it like Samsung or like LG? Since it wants to go down this road, Apple might as well slap a Samsung logo on its iPhones, since these don’t only come with CPUs and RAM made by the South Korean manufacturer, but will also look like Galaxy Round soon.

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