iPhone 6: What We Know So Far

Apple’s next iPhone already has a rumored launch date, along with several features that may or may not end up in the final version of the device. This is usually how rumors function.

While Android smartphone manufacturers also increase the size of a device when creating a new version, Apple enjoys maintaining a low-resolution display, while adding such gimmicks as the fingerprint security feature that got hacked by a group of German hackers less than 48 hours after iPhone 5S’ launch. There is still hope, though, and rumor has it that Apple intends to launch iPhone 6 with a larger display. Hold your horses, the iPhone won’t get past 5″ anytime soon, since the latest reports hint at a 4.9″ display.

According to DigiTimes, the new iPhone will be launched in May 2014, while an iPad Max featuring a 12.9″ display is scheduled for October. This sounds rather unlikely, since it means that Apple would disrupt its usual schedule.

In terms of design, there are several rumored options. First of all, Apple might make an iPhone Air, basically a very thin version of its smartphone. This wouldn’t be a dramatic change, unless Apple manages to create the thinnest smartphone in the world. Others have successfully made thin phones in the past, so this wouldn’t make our jaws drop. Secondly, Apple might have its try at curved displays, but as Samsung and LG have already manufactured their curved screen smartphones, this wouldn’t be revolutionary, either.

The touchscreen sensors might suffer some changes for the better. Unlike the other rumors, this one seems a bit more realistic. In fact, Apple has just received a new patent for a hover touch sensor. Unlike the previous things, this would indeed be something never seen before. On top of that, Apple has also patented a new heart rate monitor for smartphones (or mobile devices, as I think that a smartwatch would make much more sense in this context). By the looks of it, the company wants to increase our fitness levels.

Some are curious whether Apple will continue its newly introduced trend of launching a higher-end iPhone along with a “cheaper” version. If this is the case, the new features would be implemented in the new iPhone 6S, while the more affordable one would include features currently available in the 5S version. I guess it remains to be seen what Apple really has in store for us.

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