Seven Types of iPhone Owners: Which Are You? [Infographic]

Apple’s iPhone hit the globe hard. Now everyone wants an iPhone if they don’t own one already. What types of people buy iPhones? Good question. Let’s take a look at that in this cool infographic.

With over 70 million iPhones sold, there is no way that the iPhone users fits into just one stereotype. Shane Snow (for All Area Codes) compiled the 7 most common types of iPhone owners. There’s the Fanboy, who loves everything Apple; the Unappreciative, who treats such a phone as a given; the Overuser who is terribly addicted; the one with the Desk Job, who just can’t seem to disconnect from work; the Hacker, who is determined to break down all technical barriers and the TOS; the Senior Citizen, who probably received the iPhone as a gift from a grandchild trying to get grandpa connected to the 21st Century; and the Complainer, who hates the iPhone and is falling under pressure from his Android fanboy friends.

Which are you?

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