Ghostbusters Fans Can Geek Out With Mattel’s Trap Replica

Ghostbusters still has a large following, and while the semi-recent video game has fulfilled some fans’ desires for more Ghostbusters goodness, this replica ghost trap by Mattel should also do the trick until Ghostbusters 3 eventually comes out.

We’ve seen plenty of fan-made works, such as this handmade Proton Pack, some cool Ghostbusters papercraft, and even this giant LEGO scene replica. Mattel has decided to up the ante by producing their own ghost trap, one decidedly less “toy-like” than many of their creations.

The ghost trap has two modes, the first of which is “prop mode.” In this setting, a step on the pedal will cause the trap’s doors to spring open, a second step will cause the interior to glow with light, and a third will cause it to snap shut once again, effectively securing whatever spectral being you’ve subdued. One of the really cool touches, showing just how much this is like a true prop or replica rather than just a toy, is that the cartridge is even removable. Alone, these features make it quite impressive, but that only describes the first mode. The second is “movie mode” which is more thematic.

The first step on the pedal will make the trap open and flash with lights, while also emitting sound effects. A second step will cause more lights and sounds before making it snap back shut. The light on the cartridge will then light up, informing you that the ghost is contained. That’s not the end, though, as even once you’ve caught the ghost in movie mode, lights will shine within and the box will shake, showing that the ghost is struggling to escape its new prison.

Mattel Ghostbusters Muon Trap

Mattel Ghostbusters Trap Prop

There are wheels on the bottom, but since it’s being showcased in a carpeted area, it’s difficult to see just how they work. When the trap shakes, it could potentially move around forward and backward. It might even be possible to slide the trap into position across the floor as a sort of safe, longer-distance “attack.” There are even red rods which can replace the bare metallic ones depending on which look you want to go with. Overall, though, the device is plastic. Looking at it, it’s at least designed to look much more intricate and heavy-duty than you might guess for a plastic prop. Even the cable connecting the pedal to the trap looks industrial with a screw-on connection, but in fact it just pops in and out like more standard plugs. This will go on sale sometime in October with a price tag of $135; a bit hefty, but also reasonable given the production values obviously put into this.