27 Star Wars Cakes: Taste the Sweet Side of The Force

    tar Wars geeks may enjoy re-enacting scenes, choreographing Lightsaber Duels and hoping that ‘the Force’ will truly become a reality, but at the end of the day, they will all need to have some grub to survive. The thing is, if they want to keep their true Star Wars geekiness intact, they could always turn to one of these 28 delicious Star Wars cakes to give them strength.

    Here we gathered some of the most amazing Star Wars cakes ever made, with many by Debbie Goard, which present characters, ships and even actual scenes in many different variations. We hope you enjoy them, and if there are others no mentioned, let us know.

    Darth Vader & The Sith Lords

    The great Sith lord is back in a sweet and delicious way. There is the Darth Vader Cake and also the Darth Vader delight which may scare a few children, for Vader is looking straight at you. Both the Darth Maul cake and the Emperor Palpatine Cake aren’t as threatening as the two Sith Lords are in the films.


    ‘Absolutely delicious Yoda cakes are!’ The ancient but lovable Jedi is absolutely tasty with the various Yoda cakes made, such as the Yoda FaceYoda Head and even Yoda with a Lightsaber.


    Everyone’s favorite droid is making two appearances as a regular R2D2 Cake and also a different but cool Red R2D2 Cake.

    Boba Fett, Jango Fett & Jabba the Hutt


    After all these years, the famous bounty hunter is just as famous. This time around, he isn’t here for hunting but for eating with these awesome Boba Fett Cakes. Although not as popular as Boba Fett, the Jango Fett cake looks almost the same, except for the colors. Jabba himself would probably adore the Jabba the Hutt cake for just a sec, and then will dig right in.

    Luke Skywalker and Tauntaun

    The famous scene is brought to life with the Luke Skywalker and Tauntaun wedding cake and also the gory cake version which also includes the Wampa.

    Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite

    Similar to the Skywalker/Tauntaun scene, these cakes are of a famous scene from the movies: Han Solo frozen in Carbonite. While one of the Han Solo cakes is a bit more detailed than the other, both bring up the eerie feeling from that scene. To attempt and sweeten the deal, there is also the Han Solo Frozen in Chocolate dessert.

    AT-AT & Wampa

    Another sweet tribute to the Star Wars films, and this time, with the AT-AT Cake by Da ClapperThe Wampa is making a second appearance thanks to the detailed Wampa Cake, and this time again, the Wampa will be eaten instead of the other way around.

    The Death Star & Star Wars Ships

    A few Star Wars geeks are the happiest ones ever thanks to the Millennium Falcon cake and the Star Destroyer cake that look too good to eat. Two awesome Death Star cakes making fans happy on a birthday and a wedding. Actually, the Death Star Wedding Cake probably made a groom’s fantasies come true … or was it the bride?

    Star Wars Meets Indiana Jones

    Probably made to make two different geeks happy, the Star Wars – Indiana Jones cake is just as awesome; It combines two worlds in one delicious dessert.