The iPlates: Edit your Food and Eat in Style

The iPlates are a series of plates that let you eat in style and make it look like you can edit your food in a Photoshop style editor.

iplate breakfast selection 01

Oftentimes these days we see businesses or gadgets with the fashionable “i” placed right before the name to make it sound more tech related or trendy. Usually these things have nothing to do with Apple or any of its devices, so it’s actually quite refreshing to see that the iPlates have something to do with iOs.

According to our source, the series of four plates was designed by a French illustrator who has prior experience in magazine and literature art named Todd Borka. Here, he’s designed plain white plates with indian ink style image editor toolbars and icons.

iplate donut on the plate 03

When you place your meal on the plate, it literally looks like your food is inside an image editing program and about to get receive some Photoshop-style touch-ups and scrutiny.

iplate fish selection 02

The plates are available for pre-order at the moment, and would make a great addition to any graphic designer’s dinnerware collection. Once the pre-order quota has been filled, the designer will ship the first batch and release the plates for general sale and order. All the money he is charging for the plates go into production costs, printing, packaging and distribution charges.

iplate french fries meal complete 04

Unfortunately, they are being shipped from France, so unless you live in continental Europe you might be out of luck for shipping. Hopefully in the future we can start seeing these plates, or others like it, making the rounds at design stores and become more prominent. I mean, after all, having plates with cool graphics is a lot more fun than the usual flowery, ceramic pieces of boredom we normally eat with.

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