Angry Birds Ice Sculpture

The Chicago Suburb of Highland Park, Illinois, recently hosted a collection of ice sculptures, including recreations of the characters from Angry Birds.

The event was part of the city’s annual “Shhh…opping Highland Park” event, which was held over Dec. 8-10. The sculptures were placed in front of stores in the city’s downtown shopping district and were intended to complement the stores they stood in front of. For example, a sculpture of a bicycle stood in front of a bike shop. In addition to the ice sculptures, fake snow was deposited in the street, turning the town into a winter wonderland. One resident and store owner called the event “an isolated blizzard.”

Angry Birds Ice Sculptures

That video game characters could be considered for ice sculptures for a town in the Midwest is a testament to how mainstream Angry Birds and video game culture in general has become. Serious gamers may scoff at the popularity of such casual games, but 20 years ago video games were still scene as other simply the domain of kids or of freaks and geeks in general.

Angry Birds ice sculpture

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