Grand Theft Mario V Trailer: Mario Has Changed!

Mario has had many jobs (plumber, repair man, doctor, race car driver, and who knows what else!) and even after retiring, his old life keeps calling him back!

Grand Theft Mario

Sure, we did not ever really imagine Mario as the gangster/mobster type of guy, but this mash up between several Mario games and the trailer from Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto V puts things into a whole new perspective. The lots of Goombas he has stomped on, the many castles he has destroyed… somewhere, a Goomba mom is crying over the untimely death of her little Goomba boy… life in the ghettos of mushroom kingdom is hard, indeed.

In all seriousness now, the Mario series has just recently had a couple of very successful entries in the franchise (Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7) while the acclaimed GTA franchise is gonna get a new entry in the main series, Grand Theft Auto V, in 2012. Gamers, keep an eye out for these titles, for we know we can expect nothing but the best from Nintendo and Rockstar.

Via: GeeksAreSexy

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