iPlayboy App

Playboy has some great articles. They can be really interesting with insightful topics and hard-hitting interviews. For whatever reason you may be interested in Playboy, now is your chance to catch up on your magazine history.

Every issue of Playboy Magazine from December 1953 through the current month will be available through your iPad. You may be wondering how they could get away with this, since Apple does not allow pornography on the app store. The answer is that the app will open up as a webpage, thus avoiding the restriction.

The service will be priced via subscription with a few options to choose from. Depending on how devoted a reader you are, you can choose to pay $8 per month, $60 per year or $100 for two years. This is basically the same as subscribing to the magazine, since new issues will be posted to the site monthly.

A tweet back in January by Playboy founder, Hugh, Hefner, claimed that the service would be online by March, however they are running a little behind schedule. The new projected date is the beginning of June.

Every issue, picture, editorial, article and even ad will be available through the magazines nearly 60 year run. That is a lot of history, and a lot of photo-shoots. To put that into a numerical sense, it is more than 130,000 pages.

Along with just posting the magazines online, subscribers will have access to exclusive videos and curated content recommendations by members of the Playboy Commission. This commission consists of major players in the magazine history, and probably know what to look for.

Finally, all the content will be searchable, so no need for blind exploration to find that “article” you read back in the mid-80s. A simple search will cut down your wasted time.

This is releasing just in time for a wonderful father’s day gift. There is no doubt most fathers would get a lot of use out of a year subscription, however your mothers may greatly disapprove.

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Via: TechCrunch