PadPivot: Use the iPad From the Comfort of Your Own Lap

We’ve all seen tons of iPad stands as of late, and they all seem the same. The problem is that they all need a desk to rest on.

Independent designers Jim Young and Bernie Graham saw a problem with the iPad, tablet computers, and various other eBook readers. They realized that people didn’t get the full experience from it because it always occupied one hand! This meant that the user would have to either find a desk (and get off that comfortable couch? No way!) or just remain single-handed. They designed the PadPivot to sit not only on a desk, but also to rest on a lap.

The PadPivot’s design allows users to rest their iPads on their laps, as the stand contours to the shape of a semi-circle so it can fit.The stand itself is non-slip, so users don’t have to worry about their precious devices getting kidnapped by the force of gravity.

PadPivot Lap

Moreover, the PadPivot sticks to the iPad securely, but can also be removed and reattached easily for portability. The stand itself is fold-able, and is sized so that it can fit into an ordinary denim pocket or take up very little space in a pencil case or backpack. The stand is also adjustable, which means it can work well on a desk and the viewing angle can be readjusted in different lighting conditions or for people of different heights.

I definitely see this idea working, as I have had my own inconveniences with the iPad. I’m not sure if it will be most encouraging for good posture, but it could certainly work as I can imagine most of the users curling up comfortably on the couch and using their iPad happily while watching TV or listening to music. I can see the pet peeve of always having one hand hold the iPad to be quite a nuisance, and this is a great, realistic solution.

PadPivot is still looking for supporters at Kickstarter, and a reasonable $25 donation will get you one of these bad boys. What are ya waiting for?

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Images via: PadPivot