iPoo: Apple Satire Meets Toilet Humor

Apple sure has a lot of fans around the world and at the same time it has a number of critics too. The critics usually find it quite unappealing that Apple tries to wage legal battles against its competitors, however right it may sound.

It is only because of these polarities that spoofs and satires emerge. One such satire is the iPoo Toilet, which has been named in a tongue-in-cheek manner. The designer maintains that it is not an actual product, and thus he cannot be held legally responsible for using Apple’s signature ‘i’ as a prefix. He also maintains that the shape of the toilet was not deliberately shaped like an apple, and that there is a difference between the company ‘Apple’ and the fruit apple.

The designer goes on a satirical tirade against Apple and comments how the company has used its muscle power to silence developers, designers and smaller companies whenever it felt that its copyrights have been infringed upon. iPoo Toilet is certainly not in good taste if you read the entire description on Milos Paripovic’s website. It certainly did leave me with a sense of revulsion but perhaps that is what the designer or artist is attempting to evoke in viewers. When artistic and creative freedom of individuals and designers are infringed upon in the name of corporate law and patent infringement, it can get a tad unpleasant.

Perhaps iPad Toilet is Milos’ attempt at expressing his revulsion against corporations using their muscle power against smaller developers and designers, many of whom are still fighting legal battles. Of course, those who enjoy below-the-belt humour will certainly find the artist’s description amusing. You could take a look at other spoofs like Retro Angry Bird, in which the modern video game gets a 1990s garb. The Starcraft iPod Spoof was another such satire that we had covered earlier.