Famous Faces Made Entirely From Matchsticks

The “Matchheads” collection by artist David March features several awesomely realistic famous famous made entirely from matchsticks.

match heads david

Ever thought you’d see Charlie Chaplin or Marilyn Monroe’s faces sculpted entirely out of colorful matchsticks? Neither did I, but thankfully someone thought did, and the results are awesome.

According to our source, the “Matchheads” collection was sculpted by a Scottish artist named David March. March has been offering regular solo exhibitions of his work since the 1980s, so he’s no stranger to sculpture. Recently his work has helped him get elected to the National Portrait Gallery of the UK, no small feat by any means.

matchstick charlie chaplin

Some of his notable pieces include a portrait of Michelangelo’s David that looks eerily similar to the original, a rendition of Charlie Chaplin that is mostly in black and white, though with some rather creepy looking red eyes, and some wonderfully colorful Marilyn Monroe heads.

matchstick andy warhol marilyn monroe

The Marilyn Monroe series has a certain Andy Warhol feel about it. I also couldn’t help but notice that one of the heads has the same skin and hair color of Marge from the Simpsons, and the one right above it looks remarkably like the Joker. Regardless, this piece just plain says “groovy”, and would be more than a little awesome if you could somehow have it in your living to show off to friends.

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