Of all the animated movies that have been released so far, WALL-E has to be one of the most appealing to geeky audiences. The garbage collecting WALL-E has been replicated in Lego building blocks and the result is rather pretty impressive.

The custom-made Mini WALL-E has been built using several different parts of LEGO and looks pretty much original. The sculpture is just a few inches tall and the cutest feature of the model has to be the tiny little plant which he tries to protect. Mariann Asanuma has built the LEGO WALL-E and they can be purchased from her store to brighten one’s office desk. The resemblance to the original WALL-E is striking and it reminds of the concepts of free will and emotions, and how they are relevant to robots.

WALL-E and his consort EVE both have emotions and free will and may hint at a day when the robots that we manufacture may develop emotions and free will, just like we possess. It is an intriguing situation if machines and robots were to possess human-like emotions and free will. While it is within our imagination to wonder at such possibilities, it is not in our control to predict if such a scenario will ever come true. Thus, artists and designers like Mariann Asanuma continue to capture the essence of these geeky protagonists in works of art and merchandise.

These little models built in LEGO say a lot about the way geeks feel towards animated protagonists. There have been many such designs and products that are influenced by WALL-E. You might want to read about WALL-E Lunchbox which would let you show all your co-workers how geeky you are. You could also take a look at WALL-E Case Mod that we had covered some time back. If you are feeling a little creative yourself, you might as well go ahead and build something on your own, and let us know in the comments section below.

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