iRemoco Is Another Helicopter Controlled By iDevices

Remote control helicopters, planes and cars are almost as popular as they were when they were first created.  One change is that the way that these devices are being controlled has evolved over the years.

Of course, one of the most popular remote controlled device these days is the A.R. Parrot Drone, which has recently made it possible to control it using either iDevices or Android devices.  Another remote control device that has gained some accolades lately is the RC Superhero, which is actually designed to look like a man flying ala Superman.  Now it appears there is yet another new RC helicopter that is designed to be controlled using an iDevice, named the iRemoco.

While this particular device is still under development, it doesn’t appear it will be too long before it hits the open market.  The iRemoco will be able to be controlled using a free app that is already available for the iPhone and iPod touch, with an app for the iPad simply waiting for approval from the Apple store.  With the app you can either choose to control the iRemoco by moving your iDevice or you can pull up a screen that is made to look as though you actually have a couple of joysticks.

Perhaps most interesting is that this particular helicopter is small and light enough that it is actually designed to be flown indoors, around the living and family room as opposed to outdoors.  While you can certainly fly it around outdoors if you like, a strong breeze could create a little havoc with your countrols.


For the cost of $99 backers of the project can pre-order a kit that includes a red and white helicopter as well as the controller that you connect to you iDevice that pilots the copter along with the free app.  The more money that was donated to the project, the more helicopters you could buy.  While that does seem just a little bit pricey, it apparently wasn’t more than most were willing as more than 130 people were willing to offer that money just as a backer of the startup.