5 Top-Ranked Doctor Who Audiobooks

No matter if you are an NuWhovian or if you enjoy the Old Who more, you will surely like the adventures recounted in the Doctor Who audio books. Here are five of the most loved audio books that feature the Doctor and his companions.

The Runaway Train is a story read by Matt Smith. If you have not watched the series since it has been brought to life again in 2005, then you need to know that Matt Smith is the Eleventh Doctor, or his 10th reincarnation, if you prefer. In fact, The Runaway Train is the first story to feature him and Amy (Amelia) Pond, his companion. The story takes place in the Wild West and implies a race along the railroad tracks.

Fury from the Deep is in fact the audio soundtrack of a classic Doctor Who episode that is no longer found in the BBC archives. Here you will hear the Second Doctor (played by Patrick Troughton), Victoria and Jamie investigating a problem in the gas pipelines of the North Sea.

If you loved David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, then you will enjoy hearing him on The Last Voyage. In this story, the Doctor investigates the disappearance of the entire crew of the pioneering space cruiser the TARDIS lands on. Since this event is preceded by a flash of light and a loud bang, the Doctor is really intrigued by all this situation.

Until recently, The Creature from the Pit was only available as a book, but BBC decided to release it as an audiobook too, in 2008. It is read by Tom Baker, who is one of the most loved Doctors from the classic era.

Back to the Eleventh Doctor, we have Night of the Humans, an audiobook recounted by Arthur Darvill, who plays Rory (Amy’s husband, if you do not mind spoilers). In this story, Amy and the Doctor prevent a conflict between the humans and the Sittuun.

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