RC Superhero

Planes are awesome. If you can’t afford to fly a real one,  radio-controlled planes are still fun. If you want something to stand out from all the other RC planes and helicopters, why not fly your own superhero?

That’s what one company is banking on. They’re producing a 75-inch tall RC superhero that’s called, appropriately enough, RC Superhero. If you’re the kind of person who likes to put together model planes or solder electronics in your spare time and you have about 300 bucks burning a hole in your bank account, you’ll definitely want to pick up their kit. (And you can somewhere for real, though not with a cape, if you have one of those credit cards with frequent flier miles.)

RC Superhero

The kit is made out of laser-cut foam and comes with control horns, a plywood motor mount, carbon fiber fabric strands,  and two 3mm arm spars. When assembled, it weighs about 3 pounds and has a wingspan, er, armspan of about 45 inches. The superhero takes off by either being thrown up into the air or taking off from a stand. It also takes off vertically, the way a helicopter does. (A phone booth is optional, by the way.)

The Web site for the product describes the RC Superhero’s flight patterns as “Great! This is due to the low weight to surface area and that it has a high wing like a Piper cub with a low center of gravity. In addition, he has plenty of vertical tail surfaces due to the double side bodies; which adds to the stability.” The motor also has 6 pounds of thrust, so your superhero can really do some flying.

This will look really cool flying through the air, cape streaming. You’ll have to supply your own dramatic superhero music or rushing wind noises, though. A small 57-inch superhero and balsa wood gliders are also available.

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