Iron Man Flame-Thrower Glove is Hot Stuff

It might not be the total Iron Man package, but one fan of the Marvel Superhero has assembled an amazing flame-throwing glove inspired by him.

Flame-throwing glove by Patrick Priebe Image

When Tony Stark originally built his Iron Man suit, under the forced capture of terrorists who threatened him to build a weapon of mass destruction, he used whatever parts were at his disposal to piece together an unstoppable weapon. And while weapons expert Patrick Priebe’s work is only one flame-throwing part to Iron Man’s whole, it does embody the “what can I use nearby” spirit in which the billionaire playboy/tech entrepreneur/brilliant engineer created his famed armor.

As you’ve might have guessed – yeah, I’m horrible at surprises, guilty as charged – Patrick Priebe put his brain-powers to awesome use by forging a flame-thrower glove. Yup, the very same which can be found on Iron Man himself as he tries to melt down an large tank like a grilled-cheese sandwich. Not as almighty powerful for safety reasons, obviously. Patrick had some sense in him to start off reasonably with-in his means, and in doing so, has hit his home-made project out of the park.

The type of flame that projects from Patrick’s invention is no wimp though. It shoots out a pretty nice tall fire, which I shouldn’t have to remind you is certainly quite dangerous, and perhaps the reason why Patrick has been kind of mum (he did reveal it runs on butane fuel and AA batteries at least) on what exact methods he used in his flame-throwing glove. A heroic principal Tony Stark himself would be proud of – well, right after he drank two bottles of Jack Daniels and threw up on your carpet.

Here’s the video of Patrick’s flame-throwing glove from YouTube, but be careful not to get too close, or you’ll catch on fire! Oh no!

Be sure to visit Patrick’s own website laser-gadgets for more his “hot” (I had to get that in there one more time) creations. Meanwhile, here on Walyou, we’re getting ready for the second season of the HBO fantasy-hit Game of Thrones, and pining over some of the biggest box office bombs in Hollywood history.