Real-Life Iron Man Suit in Development by US Military

Confirmed in a news post by the United States Military, America is working on an Iron Man-like suit that allows the wearer to effectively become superhuman.

Iron Man image

The future of the military is a scary prospect. As global forces grow bigger, better and stronger to protect themselves from worldly dangers, even more money is spent on researching upgraded technology to make a country’s defence the best that their money can buy. Some countries utilise tanks, drones or various super-speedy, super-stealthy aircraft to usurp the enemy by land, air or in the case of drones, from the other side of the world from the battlefield. However, despite these advancements, soldiers remain relatively vulnerable, and it’s likely for that reason that the United States Military is developing an Iron Man super-suit to make their troops nigh on invincible.

Rather than being from some leaked intel drop, the news of this ‘Iron Man’ suit is from the US Military themselves, discussing the plans on their official blog. Called the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, or TALOS for short, army researchers are currently responding to a request from the U.S Special Operations Command to make the super-suit a reality. What the US Military are looking for in a suit, they say, is an exoskeleton that monitors the wearer’s health and can offer “innovative armor” and “cognitive performance”, with these effectively amounting to night vision, super strength and the ability to be almost entirely defended from bullets.

However, as “There is no one industry that can build it”, according to SOCOM Senior Enlisted Advisor Command Sgt. Maj. Chris Faris, the US Military are currently looking for submissions from research teams, government labs and even individuals to lay out a plan of how their version of TALOS could work. They also say that scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working on a type of “liquid body armor” which “transforms from liquid to solid in milliseconds when a magnetic field or electrical current is applied”. So should TALOS be developed soon, you could very well see Iron Man-esque soldiers defending your country at some point in the future.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: The Verge, US Military

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