Straw Beasts From Japan Are Absolutely Badass

Rice is harvested during fall, and the process leaves a bunch of straw behind that has no real purpose. That is, unless someone wants to make art off of it.

Straw Bull

These straw sculptures are giant beasts created in the Kagawa and Niigata Prefecture of Japan, where the biggest “straw art festivals” (yes, that’s a thing!) happen.

Straw Kong

Straw Llama

Straw Mamooth

The Japanese seem to always get us in the west in awe of what they can do with a few resources, and minimal stuff but real talent (that’s not necessarily a negative stereotype, right?). And we are the lucky ones, as we get to enjoy these creations via these pictures.

Straw Scarab

Straw Shark

Straw Triceratops

Straw Turtle

Straw Whale

Source: Kotaku

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