The Iron Pipe Shelving System

Industrial design is going mainstream and is no longer restricted to hipster commercial spaces like nouveau boutiques or restaurants in the Meatpacking District. This edgy trend is also seeping into private residential spaces, be it high-rise apartments, factory lofts, or even modern office spaces.

Take for instance the Iron Pipe Shelving System, which a few years ago would have been dismissed as too “edgy” and would be occupying a space in a modern art gallery or a bohemian restaurant. But, that is no longer the case, ever since the industrial look has been deemed as ultra fashionable by the experts and the trend setters.

The Iron Pipe Shelving System is available on Etsy via the ‘Stella Bleu’ shop. Specializing in industrial decor, this minimalist system is distinctively contemporary and is a fascinating juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity. Surprisingly, the shelving system also demonstrates the designer’s eco-conscious bent of mind, since the entire shelving unit is made of reclaimed pipes, which also highlights the designer’s commitment to reduce the landfills.

Making a strong visual statement, the Iron Pipe Shelving System is made primary of  3/4″ reclaimed pipe and each piece of pipe is cut, threaded and welded by hand per order. Since the designer is big on “Going Green” (yaay), each pipe has been acquired from local salvage yards and demolition sites and everything is purchased from local family owned businesses.

Modern, minimal, and linear, the Iron Pipe Shelving System has been completely conceptualized in coherence with industrial aesthetics. The shelving unit can be used to store books both vertically and horizontally, making it truly versatile and functional. The shelving unit will fit right in an urban loft, and the twisted wall-and-corner form factor is no coincidence, since Stella Bleu specializes in creatively shaped shelves.

Fortunately, the Iron Pipe Shelving System is available in a plethora of incarnations and styles and each version will conveniently fit in those pesky  tight corner spaces. Fans of the modern urban look should definitely check out all the works by the designer, and some other interesting shelves to look out for are; The Motion: Curvaceous Bookshelf  or even the Bookshelf Speakers come alive with Soundshelf.