Pirates of the Caribbean Theme on Floppy [Video]

Not sure if the purists (and by that we mean unequivocal Hans Zimmer fans) will appreciate the Pirates of the Caribbean theme played on eight floppy drives, but we wholeheartedly approve. While, music made by floppy drives is not really our thing (hey, don’t be fooled, we are quite the music snobs); however, it is impossible not to resist something with such a wonderfully geeky treatment.

Music being performed by computer bits, and accessories is nothing new and the trend seems to be really catching on, much to the grief of music aficionados, and in all fairness the glee of the tech brigade. In this particular musical performance (yes that is what we are calling it) the epic Pirates of the Caribbean theme has been performed on eight floppy drives and while it will win no Grammy awards, it is surprisingly not bad, given that the band in question comprises of musical floppy drives (do we smell another existential Man vs Machine debate coming our way?).

Those who have succumbed to the magic of this particular theme, would be interested to know that the song in question is “He’s a Pirate” and was written for the first part in the movie series. While, this particular musical accomplishment won’t really become a chart-buster, it has all the ingredients to go viral or win the adulation of all the nerds on the internet. Hey and it did just made the now obsolete floppy disk much cooler. Enjoy over the top computerized musical performances? Then do check out the Computer Hardware Cover of “House of the Rising Sun” or the “Seven Nation Army” on Lab Equipment.