The Motion: Curvaceous Bookshelf and Rocking Chair

The Motion is an avant-garde circular bookshelf that doubles as a curvaceous rocking chair. How’s that for making good use of space in the apartment?

rocking chair book shelf
This classy “C” shaped bookshelf is sure to be all the thrill at when you have your fellow grad students over for a wine and cheese. Aptly called ‘The Motion’, this bookshelf not only offers a nice spot to sit down and read a book, but it can also become a comfortable nook and rocking chair.

Thankfully the rocking chair is fairly stable, so you won’t have to worry about rolling away or tearing through your place in a wheel. It rocks just enough to give you the motion but doesn’t get out of hand. Though I’m not sure how well it will work as a rocking chair if the cases are filled with books.

rocking chair curvaceous

According to our source, this multi-tasking bookshelf was designed by Hyunjin Seo, a Seoul-based designer from a group called KamKam. The design makes the best of the maker’s eco-friendly policy by combining two items in one in order to cut down on materials.

I suppose the double purpose of the piece more than makes up for the awkward shape. If anything, it will surely help spark up a conversation or two with guests.

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