The iTab Electronic Song Book [Hands-On Review]

The iTab is a portable electronic song book which aims at making a musician’s playing, studying and practicing more fun, exciting and interactive. It consists of a mini tablet-like gadget which you may sync chords and songs to, and have mass amounts of music sheets with you for simpler use.

itab electronic song book arm image

The iTab was originally announced early last year, but it is still improving, finalizing the hardware, upgrading the firmware and slight touches to make it a true musician’s friend.

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on one of these neat music gadgets (pre firmware update) and were excited to see what the hype is all about.

Look and Feel:

The iTab is a sleek looking device which is extremely portable, slim and light. Its size resembles a thin smartphone, and it is only made up of a screen on the front, with the earphone, mini usb and av connector plugs on the side. Along with the On/Off switch.

itab electronic song book image


The electronic song book does provide all necessary options to get you started…with songbook, settings, Upgrade (Firmware) or Shut Down. Since the iTab is really for musicians to have their chords in front of them, we went straight to Songbook to start browsing the songs.

Within the Songbook, there is the list of available songs (preloaded or downloaded from the iTab store). With the iTab sporting a touchscreen, you could simply use your finger to scroll through the names and find the preferable song to play. As you browse, besides each song, you will be able to select to go to chords, play the mp3 song (if available) or both together.

When selecting a song, it will take you to the chords (and lyrics) of that specific track, and provide you a play button to begin along with a progress bar below. Once the chords are playing, the metronome begins for you to follow, and the words/chords highlight when at their appropriate position.

Just like you would follow a text song book or music sheet, the iTab is the same, but grants you the possibility within a portable player. Moreover, there are minor features you would expect from such a gadget: mute (when playing along with a song), pause, and moving forwards/backwards within the actual song you have displayed.

itab electronic song book arm

Adding Songs:

A user can purchase and download songs using the Tab store, with royalties being paid out accordingly. An even greater feature is the ability to add your own songs to the player. By using Notepad, any musician can transcribe their own songs to be added, and even include a MP3 to play along…just like with a real track.


The iTab is not the size of a music sheet, so it does take time to get used to the smaller size. As in actual concept, it is a cool product for guitarists and musicians to have, but it doesn’t flow as most are probably accustomed to with the gadgets, smartphones and tablets of today. While the smartphones and/or tablets may not be the ONE product for musicians, their features and abilities mostly grant the necessary areas hoped for, making it a bit easier and fun.

Still, the iTab is made for one thing only and does not attempt to do anything else! Musicians who may be a bit more old school and want to have music chords and such with them at all times, the iTab is a cool solution without a hefty price. Moreover, for hardcore guitarists and songwriters, the ability to upload your own music is thrilling and advantageous.

itab electronic song book


  • 4GB Memory;
  • Holds up to 2500 songs;
  • 200 backing tracks;
  • 100 cover videos;
  • MP3 and MP4 format.


  • TV Out Cables
  • Wall Charger
  • Ear Buds
  • Stylus