iWatch: Apple’s Possible Replacement for the iPhone

As Android’s market share increases with each day that goes by, Apple might have to focus its attention on a different niche. A smart watch packing iPhone features might help Apple gain some customers, but would they be enough to make a difference?An iWatch would make perfect sense, not only as an alternative to smartphones, but also as a solution of making things more portable. After all, in the past three decades we witness the transition from PC to laptop and from notebooks to smartphones and tablets, so it’s only natural to switch from the latter to even smaller and why not, more powerful devices such as smart watches.

In the past two years, people have created several design concepts that exemplified what they would like to see in an iWatch. The one pictured above and below would presumably feature a curved glass display (Oh, hello, Samsung lawyers!), a front facing camera for video calls (I assume a secondary camera could be placed near the clasp, if that doesn’t make the whole strap too bulky), voice control via Siri, Bluetooth and a touch Home button, everything being powered by iOS, obviously.

The problem will all of these concepts is that people take things a bit too far. Remember the “leaked images” of an iPhone 5 that was supposed to come with a projected keyboard and other unrealistic features? Well, none of that happened. Apple might do some great designs, but they don’t receive the blueprints from alien civilizations. That’s exactly why an iWatch wouldn’t come with a projector, either.

The aforementioned features are, in fact, present in most of the concepts. The main difference is the shape, so people are not yet sure whether Apple would go for a square design, something that resembles iPhone’s outlines, or if the company would like some curves and circles, instead. It remains to be seen if Apple decides to manufacture such a device, in the first place, and if so, what shape it will have.

If one thing is certain it’s that tech companies are very secretive when it comes to the launch of new products. In other words, people probably won’t find about the iWatch until it gets officially launched by Apple.

I only hope that will go for a design that ensures functionality. The following one, for example, would even make washing hands a challenge. The ones who have read my posts might have figured out by now that I’d take an Android device any day of the week instead of yet another overpriced, under performing device made by Apple. Hence, the iWatch is one more gadget I’ll look at with skepticism, if it ever becomes a reality.

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